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Column Type Collation Operator Value
Number_of_lines int(10)
Master_log_name text utf8_bin
Master_log_pos bigint(20)
Host char(255) ascii_general_ci
User_name text utf8_bin
User_password text utf8_bin
Port int(10)
Connect_retry int(10)
Enabled_ssl tinyint(1)
Ssl_ca text utf8_bin
Ssl_capath text utf8_bin
Ssl_cert text utf8_bin
Ssl_cipher text utf8_bin
Ssl_key text utf8_bin
Ssl_verify_server_cert tinyint(1)
Heartbeat float
Bind text utf8_bin
Ignored_server_ids text utf8_bin
Uuid text utf8_bin
Retry_count bigint(20)
Ssl_crl text utf8_bin
Ssl_crlpath text utf8_bin
Enabled_auto_position tinyint(1)
Channel_name char(64) utf8_general_ci
Tls_version text utf8_bin
Public_key_path text utf8_bin
Get_public_key tinyint(1)
Network_namespace text utf8_bin
Master_compression_algorithm char(64) utf8_bin
Master_zstd_compression_level int(10)
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