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The phpMyAdmin Monitor can assist you in optimising the server configuration and track down time intensive queries. For the latter you will need to set log_output to 'TABLE' and have either the slow_query_log or general_log enabled. Note however, that the general_log produces a lot of data and increases server load by up to 15%.


Using the monitor:

Your browser will refresh all displayed charts in a regular interval. You may add charts and change the refresh rate under 'Settings', or remove any chart using the cog icon on each respective chart.

To display queries from the logs, select the relevant time span on any chart by holding down the left mouse button and panning over the chart. Once confirmed, this will load a table of grouped queries, there you may click on any occurring SELECT statements to further analyse them.

Please note:

Enabling the general_log may increase the server load by 5-15%. Also be aware that generating statistics from the logs is a load intensive task, so it is advisable to select only a small time span and to disable the general_log and empty its table once monitoring is not required any more.

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Choose from which log you want the statistics to be generated from.

Results are grouped by query text.