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Storage engines

MyISAM Documentation

Non-transactional engine with good performance and small data footprint

MyISAM is available on this MySQL server.

bulk_insert_buffer_size 16,384 KiB
delay_key_write ON
myisam_block_size 1024
The default pointer size in bytes, to be used by CREATE TABLE for MyISAM tables when no MAX_ROWS option is specified. Data pointer size 6 B
The maximum size of the temporary file MySQL is allowed to use while re-creating a MyISAM index (during REPAIR TABLE, ALTER TABLE, or LOAD DATA INFILE). Maximum size for temporary sort files 8,192 PiB
myisam_mmap_size 18446744073709551615
The mode for automatic recovery of crashed MyISAM tables, as set via the --myisam-recover server startup option. Automatic recovery mode BACKUP
If this value is greater than 1, MyISAM table indexes are created in parallel (each index in its own thread) during the repair by sorting process. Repair threads 1
The buffer that is allocated when sorting MyISAM indexes during a REPAIR TABLE or when creating indexes with CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE. Sort buffer size 524 k KiB
myisam_stats_method NULLS_UNEQUAL
myisam_use_mmap OFF
skip_external_locking ON